Grim & Perilous Adventures

A Day Late, A Shilling Short

A missing coach causes concern amongst the adventurers

The adventurers were staying at the Red Moon Inn in Ubersreik, by the river Teufel, for a few days in anticipation of the arrival of Rutger Abend, trusted agent of Baron Von Burgenstein (patron of Nicodemus). The coach between Marienburg and Ubersreik was a few days late and, despite the known perils of taking to the roads of the Reikland at dusk outside protective walls, the adventurers decided to borrow a cart from the innkeeper and seek to discover the missing coach’s fate. Kaerlan sped off ahead to scout and, several miles outside the gates of Ubersreik, spotted the coach on its side, the horses dead, and a company of beastmen tearing at the coach’s cargo and battling who he could only assume to be Rutger Abend who was near death. Kaerlan’s arrows took flight and the battle was joined. After taking some heavy thumps from the savage beastmen, the adventurers were able to save Rutger from traveling to Morr’s domain. Within the coach was an obstinate merchant named Klaus who, despite cowing Gobrik to his will and reducing him to little more than a porter, had his wits bested by Pete and Nicodemus. Klaus had designs on keeping the mysterious envelope marked for Nicodemus for himself but Pete was quick on his feet and made a grandiose show of returning Klaus’ hat to him from inside the coach which cleverly compelled Klaus to agree that he’d been given what he had set out to retrieve from the coach. After returning to Ubersreik, Nicodemus opened the package with his patron’s seal. Therein was a letter from Baron Von Burgenstein detailing the apparent disappearance of Floran Wechsler, his nephew. Florien had traveled to Stromdorf with a shipment of coal that he’d purchased at a discounted price in the hopes of selling it in the inclement weather-ridden town of Stromdorf at a tidy profit. Nobody has heard from Florian in several weeks and his family is growing increasingly concerned.



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